Deputy Don Molchan

Pima County Sheriff’s Department

2015 Honorable Mention

On April 23, 2015, Deputy Molchan of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department received a call involving a panicked 14 year old girl asking for help because her father was attempting to commit suicide. Upon arriving to the scene, Deputy Molchan was able to comfort and calm down the young girl to better understand the situation and get her father’s location.

Inside of the home, the father was suspended from an electric cord attached to a support beam of the porch, along with the girl’s mother was who was holding on to his body. The father was unresponsive, not breathing, and appeared to be blue and purple. Molchan acted quickly by lifting the father upward to relieve the tension around his neck and eventually laid him down on the ground.

Using his training, Deputy Molchan began aiding the victim through chest compressions while also speaking to the father’s family to keep them calm. Eventually, the father began to gain color back to his skin and perform slow breathing. By the time the medical services arrived, the father was breathing at a normal rate and was transported to a hospital where he reached full recovery. In addition, Deputy Molchan contacted victim services to help support the family affected by the event.

Deputy Molchan demonstrated courage and quick decision-making during this difficult event. His commitment to the citizens of Pima County helped save a life and family from a traumatic experience. Therefore, he is recognized as a Tucson hero for his honorable actions on this day.

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