Agent Jose Madrigal

Border Patrol

2015 Honorable Mention 

On February 11th, 2015, Border Patrol Agent Jose Madrigal attended to a severely injured motorcyclist who was in a collision with a Honda SUV. The motorcycle rider, later identified as Eddie Grijalva, had visible trauma to his face and severe trauma to his right leg. After assessing the victim’s condition, he knew that he would need further medical assistance.

Border Patrol Agent Madrigal realized that Mr. Grijalva’s leg was partially severed from the body and was bleeding profusely. He then proceeded to apply a tourniquet to the injured leg in order to stop the rapid loss of bleeding. Agent Jose Madrigal attended to his emotional needs as well, by reassuring him and keeping him engaged to make sure he stayed conscious and alert until paramedics could arrive.

Thanks to Border Patrol Agent Jose Madrigal’s heroic actions, he was able to stop Mr. Grijalva’s heavy bleeding until the paramedics could arrive and assist him. Without these efforts, Eddie Grijalva would not be alive today.

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