Ty Cobb

2012 Honorees

Firefighter Ty Cobb was returning home on I-10 after working an overtime shift when he encountered traffic beginning to slow near the downtown area. The slowing was caused by a pick-up truck traveling the wrong way, entering the off ramp of Congress and colliding head on with a sedan.

As a result of the collision, one passenger was ejected and another was trapped in a burning car. Cobb instinctively rushed to render aid to the burning vehicle. Unable to get the doors open, he entered through the rear window and assessed the driver. With the help of other bystanders, he was able to free the door to remove the crash victim.

Cobb continued to render medical care, providing ventilations until additional personnel arrived at the scene. Cobb represented the very best of what a Firefighter should be, putting the lives of others before his own.

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