EMT Basic Jason Hamilton

Rural Metro Fire Department

2013 Honorees

On April 21, Jason Hamilton had just left a 24-hour shift as an Rural Metro EMT and was returning home after a mass-casualty accident on Interstate 10. During his drive home, he encountered a vehicle which was being driven erratically; Hamilton followed the vehicle with law enforcement on the phone. Ultimately, the vehicle crashed into a guard rail and and hung on the railing over a wash below.

He approached the vehicle and found an elderly woman inside with agonal respirations and a weak pulse. He and a bystander were able to extricate the woman; they opened the car door and the woman was now pulseless. Hamilton rendered CPR until EMS arrived to take over; they successfully got a pulse back. The woman was admitted to the ICU with a poor prognosis; the family elected to take her off life support.

“Regardless of the outcome, Jason made a selfless act having no hesitation to recognize and assist someone in need. Jason was mindful of the driver as well as the safety of other citizens in the rush hour traffic.”

Jason’s awareness and decisions as a first responder, despite having just left a 24 hour shift demonstrate his dedication and a service above self mentality deserving of his Heroes Day nomination.

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