Sergeant Brian Kowalski & Officer Joshua Castorela
Tucson Police Department

2017 Honorable Mentions

Sergeant Kowalski was at QuikTrip on East Speedway when the manager of the store claimed to have been concerned about a man who had entered the handicapped bathroom and remained for an extremely long period of time. Sergeant Kowalski investigated the situation further and knocked on the door of the bathroom.

The man in the bathroom said that he was okay; however, 15-20 minutes had passed and the man still had not emerged. Officer Castorela responded to assist. Knocking again, the man in the bathroom gave an incomprehensible response so Sergeant Kowalski and Officer Castorela forcibly entered the room. Under the stall, Sergeant Kowalski could see that the man was standing away from the commode, swaying & staggering.

While Officer Castorela tried to engage the male verbally, Sergeant Kowalski looked over the man and noticed a syringe in the man's arm, which was bleeding. The man's knees buckled and he slumped down into the corner beside the commode. Sergeant Kowalski told Officer Castorela to kick the door in and they forcibly entered the stall. The man was convulsing while holding the syringe with the needle sticking outward. His arm was moving unpredictably & he wouldn't drop the syringe.

Sergeant Kowalski struck the man on the forearm with his baton causing him to drop the needle. His eyes were unfocused and rolling back into his head. Officer Castorela laid him on the floor while Sergeant Kowalski retrieved Narcan from his vehicle. Officer Castorela gave 2 doses, then did CPR until TPD arrived. Later, TFD medics and BAUMC staff said that the man is expected to recover and credited Officer Castorela & Sergeant Kowalski for saving his life.

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